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I have a vim (well, sed really) find and replace pattern I use for resetting the AUTO_INCREMENT property in mySQL CREATE TABLE statements:


I use this command often, and would like to create a shortcut in vim. I know I will have to edit my .vimrc, but I can't figure out the cmap syntax.

My end goal is to be able to run


And run the above find and replace globally throughout the file.

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For that goal, I think a user-defined command would be better than a cmap. See

:help 40.2
:help user-commands

Vim requires that user-defined commands begin with an upper-case letter and contain only letters and digits. No hyphens. So your command will have to be something like ResetAutoIncrement.

command ResetAutoIncrement %s/AUTO_INCREMENT=[0-9]*/AUTO_INCREMENT=1/g

You can avoid typing the whole command name each time you use it by typing just the first few characters, then hitting Tab.

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Thanks! The help command is super-helpful – CamelBlues Oct 20 '11 at 18:05

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