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I use ubuntu 11.10 and recently switched to terminator for my terminal. I am happy with it with one exception, I cannot figure out how to scroll up using the keyboard. I used to use gnome-terminal and would ctrl+shift+{arrowup || pageup} but cannot find a keybinding for scrolling in terminator.

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Shift+PageUp works for me. Failing that right click > Preferences > Keybindings will allow you to set it to whatever you want.

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You cannot set s keybinding for scrolling in the Keybindings preferences of terminator - at least not in the version that comes with Ubuntu 12.10.

That said scrolling linewise works for me by using ctrl+shift + keypad up/down (with numlock activated).

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Why only keypad up/down s? Default up/down keys work for me. –  0xc0de Apr 13 at 9:52

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