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I use ubuntu 11.10 and recently switched to terminator for my terminal. I am happy with it with one exception, I cannot figure out how to scroll up using the keyboard. I used to use gnome-terminal and would ctrl+shift+{arrowup || pageup} but cannot find a keybinding for scrolling in terminator.

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Shift+PageUp works for me. Failing that right click > Preferences > Keybindings will allow you to set it to whatever you want.

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You cannot set s keybinding for scrolling in the Keybindings preferences of terminator - at least not in the version that comes with Ubuntu 12.10.

That said scrolling linewise works for me by using ctrl+shift + keypad up/down (with numlock activated).

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Why only keypad up/down s? Default up/down keys work for me. – 0xc0de Apr 13 '15 at 9:52

I think the problem with that keybinding is that it isn't actually part of the terminator part of the code, it's part of the terminal (which is vte, or something underneath). Any keybindings that are for the underlying single terminal are not configurable in terminator (which just does the multi-terminal parts, and adds slick plugin features, etc).

I did find that if you use the default setup, the single line scroll only works for the numpad up/down. The reason is that Up is tied to resize_up (similarly for down). If you remap those keys, then you can use the regular arrows to scroll by one line.

It would be nice to find a solution for changing the keybinding in the underlying terminal, but in the meantime, if you want the regular arrows to work, just remap the resize_up and resize_down keybindings.

tested in 0.97 ubuntu 14.04.

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