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When i start wuala on the linux commandline like this, it logs me in and the folder is mounted:

wualamcd login username password enableAutoLogin

I can shut it down from another console typing

wuala shutdown

But how do I actually use the auto login that I just set using the enableAutoLogin switch? What is the command to start it again, so it logs in but does not need the password? I tried

wualamcd login

and wuala starts but no one gets logged in.

Auto login in gui mode works fine. This is 32 bit linux with openjdk 6 JRE.

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It doesn't work the way you want it to according to the wuala forums.

The enableAutoLogin feature is a setting for the gui, not the CLI. The bigger issue is when you start the server that way, your login/pass is now visible via ps -ef and history.

An interesting solution would perhaps be a cron job coupled with the following bash script, taken from the wuala forum post here. This would give you some granularity on when it's on, and automatically restart it if it is shut down.

NAME=   # The name of the process owner running Wuala
USER=    # The name of your Wuala User
PASS=    # your password
### Touch this and make +rw for $NAME
WUALATEST=`ps -U $NAME -u $NAME u | grep -q [w]ualacmd ; echo $?`

function wualastart {
        wualacmd &>> $LOGFILE &
        sleep 10
        wualacmd login $USER $PASS &>> $LOGFILE
        if [ $? = 0 ]; then
        echo -e "\n Wuala Started Successfully \n"

function wualafinal {
  if [ $WUALATEST == 1 ]
        echo -e "\n Can't start Wuala, It's already running \n"

until wualafinal; do
  echo "Wuala is restarting -- Code: $?.
        Trying to Respawn... " >&2
  sleep 5
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Try using

wualacmd login <myuser> <mypassword> enableAutoLogin

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That's exactly what the question says, now he wants to automatically log in after shutting it down, without typing that all in again. – Rob Nov 15 '11 at 19:21
oops, then its impossible. – wizlog Nov 15 '11 at 21:04

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