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Is there any way to automatically add the email address to my outlook contacts? Can we get option like adding email addresses from which I get mails or the addresses to which I send mails to the outlook contact?

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Unfortunately Outlook 2002-2007 does not include any built-in function to automatically add addresses to the Contacts.

You can use VBA code like that posted here: "To automatically add recipients to Contacts in Outlook using VBA" to add the functionality.

This VBA code sample by Sue Mosher provides a way to add recipients automatically. To avoid the Outlook security prompts, it uses the Redemption library, which provides a wrapper for Extended MAPI that does not trigger the Outlook security prompts. You can download the free version of Redemption for personal use. Use Tools | References in VBA to add a reference to the SafeOutlookLibrary for your project.

Or perhaps checkout an add-on such as MAPILab's Add Contacts.

Add Contacts is an add-on for Microsoft® Outlook® that automatically adds e-mail addresses to the contact folder when you reply to a message and/or send a new message.

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I'd like to suggest another Outlook plugin: OutlookMessagesEmailSaveFolder. Since it is free (for personal use), in contrast to MAPILab's.

On the other hand, MAPILab's plugin seems to be a bit more advanced:

  • It adds contacts "when you reply".
  • It "attempts to find Name"
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If this is important enough to you, consider upgrading to Outlook 2010, which provides a 'Suggested Contacts' feature.

As you send or receive email, the email addresses you would have otherwise lost will be automatically stored in a special contacts folder; from there, you just have to drag them into your normal contacts folder. If you already have a contact with the same name, Outlook will offer to merge them.

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