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It should a simple question.

I had a vagrant box there, where I can start vagrant ssh to access without password.

And how can I remotely execute ssh command to get some result like below, which can be used in jenkins CI server to check something.

$ vagrant ssh 'who -a' 

My environment

  • Vagrant 0.8.7
  • Ubuntu 11.04 (host)
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The following should work; for more information check out man vagrant, man ssh and man who.

vagrant ssh -c "who -a"
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You could also use the following to see the ssh config behind the vagrant ssh command:

vagrant ssh-config

Note: This will only work once you did vagrant up.

Then use the ip, port, key, etc. in your own ssh command:

ssh -i /path/to/vagrant/keyfile vagrant@ip:port who -a
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To execute complex commands in Jenkins i prefer the following syntax

vagrant ssh -- who -a

where everything after the '--' is passed as a command to the VM's shell.


If a -- (two hyphens) are found on the command line, any arguments after this are passed directly into the ssh executable.

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