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I'm verifying the FormatCurrency function is written properly in ASP code and I put everything in Excel from "find results".

I want to highlight only the ones that do not contain ",2" in them.

  • Don't highlight this: styResult = FormatCurrency(TotalCostOfOwnership, 2)

  • Highlight this: strResult = FormatCurrency(TotalRevenueStream, 8, 3)

  • Don't hightlight this: styResult = FormatCurrency(TotalCreditsReceived,2)

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If I understand your question correctly, then Conditional Formatting should work very nicely for you.

Briefly, with this feature, you set up one or more rules, each of which:

  • Identifies which cells you want the rule to format (e.g. 'does not contain ,2')
  • the format to apply

This tutorial describes it well, and has some links to videos, one of which (at the end) is specifically for Excel 2003.

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