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I'm looking for some software for copying large amounts of data from a Mac OS X machine to a Windows 7 machine over a Cat5e cable with IPv4 connectivity?

Another way I could ask this question is what IPv4 protocol will have the lowest overhead so that I may copy large amounts of data the fastest?

Also, would that mean it's a low-level protocol, like transport layer?

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There are a number of factors involved, hdd speed, size & number of files etc. You might want to check out NFS, it has lower overheads than most protocols and should be pretty straight forward to set up under windows 7 (as the client) and osx (as the server).

I've seen speeds of 60mb/s with samba between osx and windows, jumping up to 80mb/s using NFS.

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I think it can be even faster with simpler protocols like rsync or FTP. But when you get down to that level, you may want to remove the TCP overhead by using netcat and UDP. –  billc.cn Oct 21 '11 at 2:06

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