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I am trying to make copy protection.I can protect from edit, copy,save as actions but i can't protect from file uploading.My netowrk users shoud be some is full controll and some is only view.View user shoud be can't edit, copy,save as files.

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What OS? Which browser? What type of access are you trying to restrict - read or write? Your question is not clear – Traveling Tech Guy Oct 21 '11 at 6:32

you can't limit the browser to access a folder on your system when other applications can access that folder (lets say: explorer).

there are soooooooooo many ways around that "copy protection" that i name just a few:

  • copy the file to another folder
  • map the folder to a different drive-name (see subst)

so, as long as you can access the file ... you can copy it.

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