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I had a PC which operating system was Windows XP , I reinstalled the Windows , formatting just the C drive , and had my new version of XP installed there , but when it was installed and I tried to open the other drives (meaning for example D , E , .. ) I got this error :

i9wjpqc.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close 

I trying googling it , and I ended up with knowing it's a malware, so my guess is that my previous OS had this malware on its other drives and the source was located in C , now that I've formatted C , other drives still have the malware, so they can't be opened :(

and suggestion to get the drives to open ?

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You should start you machine in safe mode and do a virus scan .

Check music3myear's blog on how to do it if you are not sure.

Although once you have sanitized your machine , you might need to repair your OS .

You might be able to right click on your drives and select open to access you r drives , but first ensure that the malware wont damage the files and also disconnect your net as a precaution.

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hey thanks man , worked out ;) – SpiXel Oct 22 '11 at 5:56

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