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I have two laptops which is not enough powerful for my tasks. I wonder if there is any way I could link them and i have the total processing resources of these two laptops.

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It depends on the task - they have to support multiprocessing. Can you give us more details on what you're trying to achieve? – Optimal Cynic Oct 21 '11 at 10:32
My both lap-tops are dual-core Intel CPU and ddr2 RAM Which work on Windows 7 64bit . and because I'm programmer I'm trying to run 2010 and SQL Server2008 R2 – Mostafa Oct 21 '11 at 10:51
You can run SQL Server on one and on the other, but you can't share more than that. Neither of those programs are cluster tasks. – Optimal Cynic Oct 21 '11 at 11:17
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What you might be looking for is clustered computing.

A cluster is a group of computers bound together into a common resource pool. A given task can be executed on all computers or on any specific computer in the cluster.

This way you can link your laptops together.

What you require for a cluster?

  • At least two computers with Windows XP, Windows NT, SP6 or Windows 2000 networked with some sort of LAN equipment (hub, switch etc.).
  • Ensure during the Windows set up phase that TCP/IP, and NETBUI are installed, and that the network is started with all the network cards detected and the correct drivers installed.

A complete guide for making a basic cluster can be found here | Building Your Own Super Computer

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