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I have Logitech V450 wireless mouse and I seem to have misplaced the tiny little USB transmitter it uses to communicate with the computer.

Where can I get a replacement transmitter?

Once I get a replacement will I have to do anything special to pair the new transmitter and the mouse?

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Not that it really matters, but it's not a transmitter, it's a transceiver. – tnorthcutt Sep 3 '09 at 13:09

If the unit is discontinued by Logitech, you could try to see if they have the exact set - maybe at a lower price. That way you have a spare mouse too.

Usually, the set up is easy - plug in the transmitter - hit the connect button on the transmitter - lights flash - hit the connect button on the mouse - voila!

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After some digging around I found the mouse on Logitech's site, followed the support link and found the part. Its $10, plus another $6 for shipping (in the US).

It's almost not worth it. I'll have to see what the current lineup of bluetooth mice looks like.

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You can try to gently ask the Logitech support. I have good experience of it : I got free replacement "feet" for one mouse, and they replaced my malfunctioning mx1000 without problem (they actually sent a new one, without me sending back the previous).

So you can always try, maybe they will redirect you to the page you found, to buy a new one, but maybe they will send you one for free, you never know, it's worth a try.

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Yes, calling Logitech should be the first recourse. I've had nothing but great experiences from contacting their customer support. – Matthew Ruston Sep 3 '09 at 13:34

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