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I would like to know if, beside cwRsync, there exists a good rsync client for Windows (and more specially Windows 7 x64).

This client should support the following operations :

  • backup of a directory (from a Linux server to that Windows box)
  • mirroring of a directory (synchronizing a "music" directory on both Windows box and Linux one, or the aforementioned backup directory).

Ideally, this client should have a "reasonably nice" UI, without all those command line quirks I've learn to dislike.

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Well rsync is a command line tool like most of the *nix tools. Therefore the native rsync application is a command line tool.

I only know of one rsync based tool with a GUI for Windows: DeltaCopy

But is is only a regular win32 application, not a native 64 bit application. But as rsync doesn't need much memory a 64bit version would not get you any advantages.

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