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I have a PDF document that has links in various places to figures/tables that are towards the end of the document. Let's say I have a link on page 2 that you click to go to Figure 7. I have the same link on page 4 when I reference the same figure. How can I create a link that takes me back to page 2 or back to page 4 (whichever was the previous location) at Figure 7 so the reader doesn't need to constantly scroll the whole way back to where they were?

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You can use Adobe JavaScript to do this. Create a button which runs app.goBack(); on click. This will only work in PDF viewers supporting JavaScript (Adobe Reader does, most others don't).

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Acrobat Reader has a "Go back to the previous view" function that can be used by the reader to go back to his previous page, without any extra action on your part.

Otherwise, I cannot see any other solution than inserting links in Figure 7 to go to pages 2 and 4, which is not a very easy solution.

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Thanks for the info, that is what we have advised our users to do. We also started including the figures as separate PDF's so we can just have a hyperlink that opens the Figure PDF and they can have both open at once. It worked well! – D.R. Nov 8 '11 at 16:23

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