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I just bought a Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet (4294) and I'm trying to use the Factory Recovery Disks application within Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools to create "boot media" and "data media", but I don't have enough space on my 8 GB USB stick for the latter. This was surprising to me because I read that a CD will hold the "boot media" and a DVD will hold the "data media." My laptop doesn't have an optical drive, so I can't burn any disk. (Don't get me started on my Sony DRX-710UL external burner that won't work with Windows 7.)

Anyway, this is the error I get, including the misspelling:

Create Recovery Media

No enough temporary disk space in D drive, Create Recovery Media will exit now.


Judging from some other posts I'm not the only person having this trouble.

Another post got me looking into a file called cdrivebackup.wim and I'm thinking that perhaps I need to get a USB stick that is as large or larger than Q:\FactoryRecovery, which for me is 9,592,796,014 bytes (~9 GB), per below. Does that sounds right?

C:\Users\pdurbin>dir Q:FactoryRecovery
 Volume in drive Q is Lenovo_Recovery
 Volume Serial Number is 640D-D557

 Directory of Q:\FactoryRecovery

10/15/2011  02:28 AM             3,986 bcdinfo.txt
10/15/2011  02:28 AM     9,290,524,252 cdrivebackup.wim
10/15/2011  02:28 AM               956 RECOVERY.INI
10/15/2011  02:07 AM       302,266,820 sdrivebackup.wim
               4 File(s)  9,592,796,014 bytes
               0 Dir(s)     810,397,696 bytes free
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dir Q:FactoryRecovery did provide a good estimate of how much space I needed. In my case, the final amount of disk used by the "data media" was 9,593,602,048 bytes (8.9 GB) so a 16 GB USB stick was big enough.

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