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I am using Wacom tablet with Onenote. When I move my pen inside the page, it defaults to pen mode. If I want to change to text mode I have to click the toolbar.

What is the shortcut for changing from pen mode to text mode?

It is so annoying, since whenever I am pasting something, it goes back to pen mode and I have to move my pen again to click into the text mode.

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Welcome to this site! Which version of OneNote are you using? – Clare Macrae Oct 22 '11 at 10:17
I am using onenote 2007. Thanks I found this thread that might help others… – kaide Oct 26 '11 at 1:24
URL link is dead. – Andrew B Jan 22 '14 at 2:54

In OneNote 2013, alt-d then p the ENTER gives you the pen. Alt-d then t gives you text mode. Using AutoHotkey you can bind these sequences of keys to any hotkey you like. Works for any other thing accessible via the menu as well.

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