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How can I install bpython, or another good python shell, on OSX 10.6, for python 3?

Calling easy_install bpython installed it for python 2.6 (same with ipython). Nor brew nor macports seem to even realise python 3 exists. Directly trying ipython's egg specific for python 3 gave all sort of errors.

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Homebrew has python3, by the way. – slhck Oct 22 '11 at 11:31
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Generally, just running easy_install uses Python 2. If you have the Python 3 version of distribute installed, you can run easy_install3 bpython to install bpython into Python 3. If not, download and install it so you can use easy_install with Python 3 whenever you need it.

Alternatively, just download the bpython tarball, extract it, and then run sudo python3 in the extracted directory to install it.

IPython for Python 3 is not available through easy_install/pip so you have to download its tarball and install it the same way as bpython.

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It requred a few guesses, but in the end doing it via distribute worked, thanks :) – o0'. Oct 22 '11 at 12:42

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