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I run Nautilus as root to access folders like /var/www. I now deleted a file by pressing the del key and was wondering where I can find the trash to really have it removed completely?

OS: Ubuntu 11.04

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Short version: Open trash:// in Nautilus. You don't need to know where it is located physically; just use "Empty Trash".

Longer version:

  • If the file was on the same filesystem as your (root's) home directory:

  • If it was on a separate filesystem, and <rootdir>/.Trash/ exists and is mode 01777:

  • If it was on a separate filesystem, but <rootdir>/.Trash/ doesn't exist or has wrong permissions:

Here, <rootdir> is the root directory of that filesystem. In this case, it's /, so simply /.Trash and /.Trash-<uid>/.

<uid> is the user ID – in this case, 0 for root.

So the directory you are looking for is /root/.local/share/Trash/.

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The root trash is apparently here: /root/.Trash

According to a Google Search anyway...

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