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There is a website, which looks like:

Index of /2010/fall/lectures/
Name    Last Modified   Size    Type
Parent Directory/       -   Directory
0/  2011-Feb-15 12:35:17    -   Directory
1/  2011-Feb-15 12:12:35    -   Directory
10/ 2011-Feb-15 11:42:48    -   Directory
2/  2011-Feb-15 12:12:39    -   Directory
3/  2011-Jun-18 10:48:50    -   Directory
4/  2011-Feb-15 12:12:44    -   Directory
5/  2011-Feb-15 12:12:46    -   Directory
6/  2011-Feb-15 12:12:48    -   Directory
7/  2011-Aug-01 23:07:15    -   Directory
8/  2011-Feb-15 12:12:52    -   Directory
9/  2011-Feb-15 11:42:49    -   Directory

In each directory, there are some files.

I know in Firefox, there is "DownloadThemAll! Tools" that can download all files under current directory. But I don't know how to easily download files in each directory without manually clicking into each directory and then using the previous mentioned tool.

Also I only would like to download pdf and zip files, not those large mp3 and flv files. "DownloadThemAll! Tools" can achieve this by filters. But I don't know how to do this for files in each directory.

Thanks and regards!

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The easiest way I know of to grab directories full of files like this is with a command-line tool called wget. If you're running Linux or OSX, it should be there by default. If you're running Windows, wget is included in the unxutils package.

Open a command prompt, navigate to a new empty directory, and run

wget -m -nH <your URL>
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There is a wget binary too, which I use: (I only get the binary, put it into system32 and done.) – Shiki Oct 23 '11 at 9:30
Barend: Thanks! (1) I would like to download only pdf and zip files, not those large mp3 and flv files. In Firefox, "DownloadThemAll! Tools" can achieve this by filters. Can wget achieve the same? (2) In wget, can I control the max level of directories for recursive downloading? – Tim Oct 23 '11 at 22:44
Yes, and yes. Try running wget --help. The number of levels of recursion is controlled with -l and file filters can be passed using --accept=pdf,zip or --reject=mp3,flv. – Barend Oct 24 '11 at 7:04

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