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Can anyone recommend a good Azure Storage Explorer for Mac?

I downloaded CyberDuck but does not seem to connect to Azure at all. For some reason it puts an @ character in the URL. eg. myaccount@blob.core.windows.net and does not connect.

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This is mostly because you're trying to connect to Azure as if it were an FTP server, which probably won't work. –  Wuffers Oct 23 '11 at 3:12

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It seems MyAzureStorage isn't available anymore... No mac clients available as of present

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You could use an online one, i.e. MyAzureStorage.

The Windows Azure MyAzureStorage is a web based application that gives you the ability to browse your Windows Azure Storage tables and create, edit, delete, and copy entities.

Created by Microsoft DPE for demonstrating the great new features in Windows Azure Storage.

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