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I am using a VPN connection.

The place I'm connecting to has two computers I want to access via SSH in tty mode. Furthermore, they have some files I want to edit locally.

Is there a way to mount my home folder on one of those computers locally, so I can use it seamlessly as if it were local?

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If you have KDE or just use Konqueror you can acces remote folder like this: fish://user@host

Finally, Konqueror can act as a file manager for local files but also, through FTP, WebDAV or other protocols, as a file manager for files on remote machines. The FISH ("fish://user@host") protocol can be used to manipulate files through SSH, allowing you to use Konqueror as the file manager for almost any machine you can connect to on the internet.

Source: Konqueror features page

Another option is mounting with FUSE and SSHFS. SSHFS uses SFTP. Article in Linux journal and shorter tutorial on Blog:

$ cd $HOME
$ mkdir randombox_home
$ sshfs  randombox_home's password: ************
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