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I want to use cursor keys with a modifier like Ctrl to switch between screen buffers (e.g. C-a [arrow] or C-a C-[arrow]). So far I have tried settings like the ones below with no success.

bind     \224\115   prev
bind     \224\116   next

bindkey -d ^[[1;5D  prev
bindkey -d ^[[1;5C  next

They are either ignored or behave unexpectedly (the second one). I am also not sure how to specify the keys. To get the characters, I either used C-v to quote them in bash, or tried to look-up on the Internet (e.g.

Any idea how I can achieve this key binding?


Since I posted the question, I have realised I want cursor keys with a modifier other wise command line editing for the shell will break. BugMeNot's answer below answers my old question, but not the modified one. I have asked this at other places, with no response. For a summary of my findings so far you can look at this post in the Fedora user's list archives.

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