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I have a mobile connection software, which always asks for confirmation when going into roaming state. Every day it requires to press "OK" before it can connect.

I found the following script that i tried to use to auto-accept that pop-up window:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
'Check if the Hardware installation window is present, else sleep 1 second and try again.
present = 0
Do Until present = 1
    If WshShell.AppActivate("Hardware Installation") Then
        present = 1
        WScript.Sleep 1000
    End If

'Make the Hardware Installation window active
WshShell.AppActivate "Hardware Installation"

'Send Alt+C
WshShell.SendKeys "%C"

Source: Automatically accept Windows Logo testing?

Script above doesn't work directly in my situation:

  • The pop-up window, and the software itself both have the same name in the window (ie. "ABC Software). So i can't identify the pop-up with WshShell.AppActivate

  • In the roaming pop-up question window there are only OK and CANCEL buttons. I can't use ALT+C

Can i make the script reads the message the pop-up contains, and identity the window with that?

Any ideas how i could proceed?

I could auto-accept the pop-up just by using sendkeys SPACE ?

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