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I have some equipment which has the option to print the results of a run, to a networked printer; however the only option provided to configure the printer is IP/port.

Presumably this is OK if there's an actual printer to print to - but I'd like the output to go to a PDF printer (I've got cups-pdf set up, but could easily use some other software). If I try to print a test page from the machine, I see the following error message in the CUPS logsfile:

Unable to encrypt connection from - A record packet with illegal version was received

I think that the security error may be because the print request is being sent to the root of, rather than to /printers/pdf, although I've also read about there being an unresolvable bug in the current version of gnutls?

Unless there's a way to set up CUPS with a dedicated port for a particular printer, perhaps the first thing to try would be to set up a listener on a port (e.g. on which all traffic is sent to Is there a simple way to do this using xinetd or similar?


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If the printer is expecting to send to a single port, it may be expecting and lpr type setup. Try configuring the CUPS BSD printer components. Port 515 is default printer spooler port.

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