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As I am seeing many svchost.exe processes in my task manager from many days,and sometimes it slows down my pc or gets hanged,I have installed SVC host viewer,SVC Host process analyzer and Process Explorer,What should I do now. Antivirus Avira is installed on my pc and it doesn't help.1 in 10 times when I open task manager,I see COM Surrogate which appears for around 1 second and then dissappears. Also when I start my pc in the morning,on screen it shows "A disk error occurred,press Alt,Ctrl,Del to reboot",is it because of svchost. Should I have to remove it.

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sVChost or sCVhost? – grawity Oct 24 '11 at 13:05
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svchost and COM surrogate are both necessary for the functioning of Windows. It sounds like you've got a dying hard disk so now would be a good time to back everything up that's important!

If you think you've got a virus then have a look at Microsoft Security Essentials as it picks up most things and is one most people have heard of.

You should be able to find more information out of the Event Log about whether it's a hardware or a software issue. See what kind of errors you've got in the "System" log (Event Viewer can be found under Control Panel --> Administrative Tools).

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