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I'm using emacs gui in Gnome. After pressing ctrl+z, emacs window is minimized. However, if I bring the window to front, it doesn't respond any key press and mouse event. I searched the web only found bringing back it within the commandline. But how to reactive emace when using it in a GUI mode ??

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If you press C-z by mistake then you can add this to your .emacs to make C-z do nothing:

(global-unset-key (kbd "C-z"))

I did that after pressing C-z many times by accident.

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fg %emacs

to get Emacs back.

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You may have to send the process a SIGCONT signal. You normally do this in the console by running kill -CONT $emacs_pid or killall -CONT emacs. If you insist on a GUI solution, you can try the task manager shipped with your distro.

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