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At my university we have a web service which allows us to upload PDF files and print them. Sometimes I want to print two or even four pages of the document on one page of the paper. As the online service doesn't allow me to choose this option (like Adobe Reader does), I have to change the PDF.

How can I change the PDF in this way (on a Ubuntu Linux machine)?

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This is usually a function of the printer driver, not the application. – music2myear Oct 24 '11 at 17:20
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Go to File > Print, select "Print to File", output type PDF, on the page setup tab look for "Pages per side", select 4 and hit print. This will create a new file with 4 pages on each page.

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Thanks for this beautiful solution. I didn't look at "print to file" because I thought I would give me a postscript document. +1 and accept! – Martin Thoma Oct 24 '11 at 18:20

For something fairly automated, you can use the PDFJam scripts for this. Info here.

For another option, with a GUI, check out jpdftweak

I use another Linux distro, but I'm sure these are available for Ubuntu without too much trouble.

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