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Could someone recommend me recipe organiser software for the Mac?

I've already looked at MacGourmet.

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Try SousChef. Here's a description from TUAW:

The thing I like most about SousChef is the ability to use your Mac to view recipes while cooking, without ever having to waste paper printing each individual recipe. This is accomplished through a Front Row-esque interface that lists your ingredients, and the cooking instructions -- It will even read your instructions to you while you are cooking. You can control the speech through a heads-up display that appears when you mouse over the bottom portion of your screen. You can also control this "10-foot mode" with your Apple or Keyspan remote.

If SousChef isn't for you, there's a Lifehacker article about managing recipes online.

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This was part of the MacHeist bundle this year and a awesome package. Or so my wife says anyway. – BinaryMisfit Sep 4 '09 at 10:49

There was recently a reference of Evernote for recipes at Lifehacker.
The next posting at Lifehacker referred this article showing Evernote in use.

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I was going to post this, but you were faster than me :) – Philippe Mongeau Sep 3 '09 at 14:19

I do not live in the Mac world but I would strongly recommend what I use, Google Docs. It has all the features I need from a recipe organizer

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how exactly do you use Google Docs to store them? any chance of a screen shot? – cust0s Sep 3 '09 at 15:39

This question reminded me of Cookbook from the My Dream App contest. It's a shame that it seems to have been abandoned.

I've also found YummySoup!.

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