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I have read this article on superuser unmountable boot volume but I have to ask this question since my situation is a bit different...

I was running a latex plugin on chrome when my system crashed and since then displays the blue screen error...

I have a dual boot Dell Inspiron R system with windows 7 professional and ubuntu installed on another partition of my hard drive which is running fine..

I have tried out the following steps :-

  1. Last known good configuration.
  2. Booted in Safe Mood :- When it tries to load a .SYS File the error appears
  3. Ran my windows 7 proffessional cd. It comes up till install a new window installation. However when I try to run system repair then nothing comes up and it hangs on the blue screen.

  4. Ran memtest86... Did not get any error till 10 passes

  5. Ran Diagnostics and the system got restarted while checking all the addresses

My question is that does everything above mean that my hard drive needs to be replaced ? Ubuntu is running completely fine so is there any more checking i can do from there ?

I have been unable to run chkdsk and fix mbr so should i try to install new windows 7 over my previous one ?

Thanks a lot..

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Your HD may be bad, you should run a Hard drive test. Something like DFT, – jmreicha Oct 24 '11 at 19:23
@jmreicha I am trying to use DFT... I have a western digital hard disk and its serial number is 9 letter long ... However DFT asks for a 8 character serial number ... Could you help me what i should write there ? My serial number is something like WD-WXD 9A5343234.. What will i write there to identify my hard disk ? – user57162 Oct 24 '11 at 20:17
Did you download and burn the iso? Sometimes AHCI needs to be disabled first if you are having trouble. Your dive should show up in the list of Hard drives and you should be able to select it and run the advanced test. There is also a users guide on the site for using DFT. – jmreicha Oct 24 '11 at 20:28
I am running the dft from my cd-rom ... The problem is that the drive does not get detected since its not IBM/Hitachi drive... The user guide says that i have to enter the serial number but my serial number is bigger than the digit count of the input box.... Also what do you mean by AHCI needs to be disabled ? Thanks ... – user57162 Oct 24 '11 at 20:35
On newer hard drives there is a setting in the bios to allow AHCI which interferes with DFT being able to detect newer hard drives, so in some cases it needs to be disabled for DFT to detect the drive. DFT can read the majority of drives so I am guessing AHCI is the culprit. – jmreicha Oct 24 '11 at 20:48

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