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I have a lot of big (as big as 130KB) text files with traditional chinese content in unicode format, which I want to read on my iPhone. Since the files are big, I need some quick navigation method to jump to sections other than page up/down by flicking up and down.

Before iPhone OS 3.0, I have been happily using textReader. But now this Cydia app is not compatible with 3.0 and I don't see it will be updated in the future.

I tried the free Stanza, eReader, but they are bad in handling unicode and big txt files. Also I tried the light version of iSilo, BookShelf. BookShelf is good but it is not cheap ($9.99), and iSilo has horrible interface.

Does anyone know any good alternative text reader in iPhone OS 3.0? How do you read big non-pdf files in iPhone OS? I am open to suggestions like convert the txt to html also.

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Have you tried the Good Reader app ($.99)? It's made specifically to read large .txt and .pdf files.

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excellent find! Good price with good feature. –  deddebme Sep 4 '09 at 19:08

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