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I was minding my own business typing a command or two in a Terminal window when a dialog popped up telling me that the Workspace Switcher had crashed, and would I like to reload. Without thinking I clicked the default "Don't Reload" button, and promptly saw two other windows reporting that both the Window List and Window Selector applets had also crashed. As soon as I add one of them to a panel, they promptly crash. Here are some of the crash reports -- I repeatedly see the same complaints:

The first is a Python traceback complaining that it can't load cups. Cups is installed, and I can load it using /usr/bin/python

Another complaint is a Bonobo warning that it got:

Unknown CORBA exception id: ''

Here's another one:

panel-applet-frame.c:1285: failed to load applet OAFIID:GNOME_WindowListApplet: System exception:

I suppose I could always repave the system, and try a newer version of Fedora Core (I had problems building our software under both versions 11 and 12 last time I had to upgrade, so I stuck with 10). But I'd rather fix this, if anyone knows...

This happens when I start up Firefox (3.6). I'd like to have it up and running though -- makes it easier to intergrate checkin messages and bug tracking reports.

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A workaround is to regress to Firefox 3.6.3. Now my workspace is stable. TFATH – Eric Oct 25 '11 at 0:37

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