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I'm looking for a way to define the right click area on the trackpad of the macbook pro - the one without a seperate mousebutton.

I'm using the option 'secondary click' where the bottom left (or right) corner works as an area to simulate a right click on a mouse. Unfortunately that ends in too many right-clicks in my workflow, although I'm just clicking 'near' the right/left corner. I want to have this area smaller, that would be awesome. Any ideas how to accomplish this ?

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I thought BetterTouchTool would get you what you want, but it looks like for trackpads, it will only let you define actions for taps on different areas of the trackpad, not clicks. – daxelrod Oct 25 '11 at 3:30
@daxelrod I already had BetterTouchTool, but as I knew that it's not possible to define areas with it, I didn't even try it out. Through your comment I tried it anyway and found out that its pretty much what I wanted, see my answer. – Anonymous Oct 25 '11 at 8:14
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Through a comment left by daxelrod, I tried BetterTouchTool, which is still not doing what I actually wanted, but at the same time it did!

It's not possible (as far as I know) to define areas for clicking, but when you turn off Macintoshs own right-click/secondary click in the corner and define pretty much the same action in Better Touch Tool, the area will be as small as a thumb right in the edge of the corner - just what I wanted.

Posted as an answer in case someone else is interested in that too. I still wouldn't mind to find out about other ways to do this!

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