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Possible Duplicate:
Will cold weather break my laptop?

Every day I have to go to college with my Compaq-Presario CQ61-355SQ laptop and winter is closing in fast; I have to walk about 30 minutes to college.

Will my laptop break if I keep taking it from a cold environment to a warm environment and open it up immediately after I get there? I do not have the time to wait for it to warm up.

Is it a good idea to leave the laptop open while I walk to college so that it won't get cold?

What solution can I use to keep my laptop safe?

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This wiki page has some advice on battery treatment for different type of batteries. – codeape Oct 25 '11 at 9:20
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In 7 years of university, carrying laptops (First a Samsung P10, then an X10+, then an N110) there every day even in really cold winders, I have never had a single problem with the cold/warm/cold changes. My GF carried two different MacBooks around every day, too.

I can understand the worry, but unless Compaqs are surprisingly bad in build quality, I had virtually closed and rather open-cased (the N110 has slits everywhere ;) ) machines and never even notices signs of any trouble. Should be safe. ^_^

As far as the battery is concerned, when really cold they have a higher internal resistance and hence run dry faster. In turn they self-discharge less quickly. No permanent damage unless you are working at the south pole, however.

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