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To ssh onto a box behind some firewall I can do the following

home$ ssh me@ssh-server
ssh-server$ ssh me@box-behind-firewall

So that I can do things like use git repos etc on box-behind-firewall from outside the network, I want to combine these into a single uri, e.g. something like


Is this possible, and how's it done?

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You probably want to use port forwarding. Connect the the first machine using

ssh -L2222:box-behind-firewall:22 me@ssh-server

While that connection is active, you can connect to the second machine using

ssh -p 2222 me@localhost

from you local machine or access git repositories on the server using


as URI.

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This is not possible the way you want. You would need to execute some command after logging in which ssh-URI-scheme does not support - I guess due to security concerns.

If you could run a command, you could directly do an ssh to the next server while connecting.

But you can do it with some workaround. This line's from man sshd

8. If ~/.ssh/rc exists, runs it[...]

You could just add the ssh-command to the next server (or firewall/router) here. You just need to find some way to distinguish if you want to connect the "normal" way or want to be forwarded to the router - maybe you're able to just add an user on the first server which only has the purpose to forward you to the next server?

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