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When I write things in word, I often want to paste something, and have it be under a bullet point and have line breaks. I can do this manually with Shift-Enter, is there anyway I can select a bunch of bulleted items and do this in an automated way?



  • foo
  • bar
  • baz


  • foo
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Select the text and Find-Replace (Ctrl+H) ^p with ^l. Might have to re-bullet the 1st one afterwards though.

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Good enough for me, thanks! – Kyle Brandt Sep 3 '09 at 15:59

+1 for Bonus's solution. To prevent re-bulleting the first one just start your selection from the end of the first line - in your example that would mean immediately after the second 'o' in 'foo'.

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This really should have been a comment. But I know - I've been there. :) – Isxek Sep 3 '09 at 16:11
Vinayak didn't have enough reputation on Sep. 3 to post a comment. – Martha Dec 11 '09 at 1:05

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