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Possible Duplicate:
Is there a way to start the flash player (or program) in full screen through the shortcut target command?

I have a kiosk. Its only reason for existence is to show content in a Flash movie, which lives on a webserver. I don't want to have a keyboard and mouse hanging off the damn thing, so I've uninstalled or disabled everything that can possibly start a dialog in front of my content.

  • The machine is running Windows 7.
  • I have set the user to auto-login.
  • I have set iexplore.exe to be the shell (using the winlogin registry key).
  • I pass /k to IE so that it runs in kiosk mode, which is full screen.
  • I set the homepage of IE to be the page with my Flash movie.

The last remaining problem is that it seems I need to click on the Flash movie with a mouse to make it full screen. I don't want that. I want to be able to just hard-reboot the machine in case of any problem and a few minutes later it's back up and running without any user intervention.

So, how can I do this? I'm not married to anything in my setup other than Windows. I don't have a mac and I am not going to install a different OS on the box. But browser, shell, etc, can all change. If there is a better container than a browser, great, let's do that then. Pretty much any ideas are welcome.

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I would use autohotkey and the Run + Click command. Look up the examples, its easy to implement. Start your browser by Run, use Sleep to wait till loaded and website loaded, double-click on the screen position

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