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When you create a compressed folder in Windows XP it appears to be a standard zip file but it's not. That said WinZip 9.0 (dated 2004) can read it. However the Windows XP compressed folder support can't read a standard WinZip 9.0 created zip file.

I need to create a Zip file which Windows XP compressed file support can read. However I'm having great difficulty locating relevant URLs amongst the many other hits. I don't see anything relevant at the Winzip Knowledge Base.

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Have you tried to create the zip using Windows XP built-in functionality?

You can find the steps here:

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I'm running Windows 7 and, if it had that capability, I've either disabled it or installing Winzip has disabled it. – Tony Toews Oct 25 '11 at 23:28
I don't think you can disable it. Instructions are: Right-click the file or folder, click Send To, and then click Compressed (zipped) Folder. – Lionel Oct 25 '11 at 23:34
Ahh, oops. I didn't read your link thoroughly and didn't realize you could right click on the files and Send To. I'd only ever noticed Step 2 in the past. Thanks. – Tony Toews Oct 26 '11 at 0:02
Please don't forget to mark the answer accepted which helped most in solving the problem. See also How does accepting an answer work? – Lionel Oct 26 '11 at 0:12

"Compressed Folders" are normal Zip archives. However, Windows XP only supports the DEFLATE compression algorithm, and WinZip 9 appears to be using DEFLATE64 by default.

You could try 7-Zip.

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Interesting. When I run the File >> Properties >> Details on both I only see the following. "compression method 08): deflated" & "compression sub-type (deflation): normal" on both. – Tony Toews Oct 25 '11 at 23:54
@TonyToews: Does it list Deflate and Deflate64 separately? – grawity Oct 26 '11 at 11:13

Make sure you disable options while zipping listed in this wikipedia article. If you don't use these, Windows should be able to extract WinZIP's zip files.

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Do you mean the options as per "AES Encryption, split or spanned archives, and Unicode entry encoding"? I haven't made any changes to the Winzip settings themselves and don't see anything relevant. AES, split/spanned don't apply. I don't see any options for Unicode in Winzip 9.0. – Tony Toews Oct 25 '11 at 23:33

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