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I would like to upgrade from XP Professional to Windows 7 Professional. Could someone give me a few basic steps of the process? I keep reading about "clean installs", "migration", and saving everything before upgrading. What specificly, must be saved...or should I not have skipped Vista all these years?

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You won't be able to do a direct xp to 7 upgrade. for some inane reason, microsoft decided against it. you can only do a clean install which means you'll have to backup all of your settings, documents, media and do a clean install of 7 then import your stuff.

i think this is microsoft's way of giving us the finger back for rejecting vista.

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Please don't speculate. Stick to facts. – BinaryMisfit Sep 3 '09 at 19:18

Your friend How-To-Geek has a step-by-step guide entitled Migrate XP to Windows 7 with Easy Transfer and a USB Drive available on

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Use the Migration Wizard (aka Windows Easy Transfer) that comes with the Windows 7 media. In the support\migwiz directory run migsetup.exe. This will help you transfer your files to an "External Hard Disk or USB drive".

Perform a clean installation of Windows 7 on your machine and then restore your data again running the same tool.

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