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How do I automatically italicise text in Microsoft Word 2007 in a way that is font agnostic (preferably as I type)?

E.g: I want "in situ" (in any font) to change automatically to "in situ" (in the same font).

Currently, I can use AutoCorrect, but it converts back to the same font as the one in which I first told it to autocorrect.

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I can't duplicate your problem for some reason. But here's how I managed to get the results you want.

Note: Step 2 is important.

  1. Type in situ anywhere on your document.
  2. Highlight it then press Ctrl + I to italicize it.
  3. With the italic text selected, open the Autocorrect Options window (Alt + T then A).
  4. Under the AutoCorrect tab, select Formatted text. Type "in situ" under Replace. (see image below)
  5. Click Add then OK. Note: Don't forget to click Add

enter image description here

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It works! I have no idea what I did differently using your technique vs what I did, but it works. Ta! – masher Oct 27 '11 at 3:56

You can add an underscore before and after the text to auto-format it as italics.


_in situ_

Note that this may be disabled by default. Check Proofing options to enable.

Instructions on how to get to the option can be found here: Use automatic formatting as you type.

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