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Each time I have to reinstall my computer or new incomers arrive in our team, we install cygwin, and each time, we forget to install a package. We can write somewhere useful packages, (i even just did it ^^).

But is there a way, to package cygwin packages, for example a texte file with all useful cygwin packages, that we give as argument setup.exe, or something like that ?

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It seems to be possible by using the --packages (-P) parameter for the Cygwin Setup.exe. A nice sample batch script can be found here:

setup.exe ^
--no-shortcuts ^
--quiet-mode ^
--disable-buggy-antivirus ^
--packages ^

Of course compiling a list of your favorite packages would still be needed, which can be done using cygcheck -c.

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Great ! thx, i will try this asap. – Antoine Oct 26 '11 at 15:28

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