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Is there a way to adjust the line-height, vertical spacing in between lines, in the OS X Terminal?

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Terminal > Preferences..., Settings tab.

Select the theme you are using and click the Change... button on the Text tab. Line Spacing is at the bottom.

Terminal Settings

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Wow, how did I miss that? Thanks! – dmackerman Oct 26 '11 at 16:13

If you use the Menlo font (OS X default), you can try Meslo, a modified version of Menlo that comes in various line-heights. This allows you to adjust the line-spacing in apps that don't have line-spacing adjustment like Terminal (i.e. MacVim).

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Here is how you can adjust line height and spacing in iTerm.

iTerm > Preferences > Profiles tab > Text

Once you are looking at the Text pane inside of the Profiles tab, click the Change Font button under Regular Font.

The Fonts dialog will include a slider for horizontal and vertical character spacing. Adjusting the vertical value will affect the line height inside of the terminal inside of iTerm.

enter image description here

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