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My Wireless headset doesn't work on my 64Bit Win7. But luckily for me I have a backup 32Bit notebook, on this system the audio works fine. So what I was doing is plugging in this wireless device into the 32bit os, then connecting via rdc from the 64bit, and changing tracks like this - the only problem is that it takes long to load the rdc...

Is it possible to have a media player on the 64Bit machine, that plays tracks and controls the audio output of the 32Bit machine? without RDC or VNC, etc?


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If both of these computers are running Windows 7, you can do this through Windows Media Player 12. (Ars Technica link)


Have you looked for Vista 64-bit drivers for your wireless headset? Those should solve the original problem rather than forcing you to find a work-around.

Thanks Red for your answer, Unfortunately the device doesn't have drivers, but I figured out what the problem was - amazingly the graphics driver was causing the problem. –  JL. Sep 4 '09 at 6:29

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