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Is there a way to force WinRAR to unrar everything into one directory, regardless of its "internal structure"?

For example, you have an archive which consists of

- root directory: root files  
  + subdirectory1: sub1 files
  + subdirectory2: sub2 files

I want everything unrar'dt into one directory of my choosing, meaning I want in there root files, sub1 and sub2 files.

In short, "destroy" the tree structure inside the archive and just give me the files.


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You can uncheck the "relative/absolute pathname" option either under Tools/Options or during extraction. If it isn't available there, you can specify this when creating a new .RAR file:

It is located under the Files tab and called the File paths drop down box.

Alternatively, you might instead want to try to move everything from the extracted folder to its root.

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In my WinRAR 3.8b4 there is no Options under Tools, and there is only Settings under Options. In none am I finding the mentioned option. – Rook Oct 27 '11 at 18:22
@Idigas: Updated the answer with two options, if you can't do it while extracting. You can either create a new .RAR file (tedious) or create yourself a batch file to move everything from the extracted folder to its root. – Tom Wijsman Nov 1 '11 at 14:04

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