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I'm using a whole bunch of myself-written blocking rules for AdBlock Plus in Firefox (they are not overly complicated; new versions of ABP provide quite advanced syntax, but I'm not using it much).

I sometimes use Opera though. There's built-in blocking mechanism in Opera and there are also third-party add-ons to do so.

I want to export my Firefox block list to Opera (whatever it's ad-blocker).

Is there any tool available capable of doing so? I've googled around a bit, but without success.

Finally, I could think of writing such tool by myself, but this requires some time to learn Opera's adblocking syntax and the time to write the tool, so I want to avoid it and not reinvent the wheel if there's such tool available somewhere.

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From Fanboy's Adblock Forum:

a perl script that generates Opera urlfilter and CSS filter from ABP list

Make sure to read the entire discussion to get the latest version and know about possible issues.

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Thanks, I will take a look when I have some spare time in a couple of days. – jakub.g Oct 28 '11 at 22:01

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