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I can type SHIFT and the NUMBER key and get the symbol, but I can't get it to type the actual number.

What key combination did I press to disable this?

All the assistive controls are turned off.

The Number keys behave correctly in SAFE MODE as well.

The laptop keyboard and all external USB keyboards display the same behavior.

Rebooting has no effect. SAFE MODE works fine.

The number keys work in the Windows login screen so this is something associated with this particular user account.

All virus checks show up negative for anything.

The keys work for a while and then they quit working without displaying any popups or anything else.

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What kind of keyboard is this? Is it a laptop? Are any other keys acting strangely? – Shinrai Oct 27 '11 at 17:57

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Given that they work until post-login (and always in SAFE mode), you might be able to use task manager to start killing off processes one at a time and see if any of them are intercepting the keystrokes.

If that doesn't produce anything, you might try a malware bytes scan and MS Security essentials scans (if you haven't already.)

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