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I was watching this video:

And I'm wondering what kind of software you would need in order to take the original and add in the over-layed objects (e.g. the guitar and keyboards held by the newcasters, the batman-like words as the guy is singing, etc).

Is there a non-professional package that does this?

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What you are looking at is just a simple green screen/Chroma key effect.

You can do this for free in Windows Movie Maker on Windows and IMovie on Mac.

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Why would you expect a non-professional program to do this? "Non-professional" – at least for me – implies that it lacks features professionals use, which is just the case in the video here.

For example:

  • Element composition, titles, layers
  • Greenscreening / Bluescreening, Chroma Keying

Adobe Premiere and After Effects are the professional tools for achieving this. On OS X, you can also use Final Cut Pro.

For free? On Windows, you have Movie Maker, and on OS X, you have iMovie for video editing. Here's a video about chroma keying in iMovie, and here's an article about doing it in Windows Movie Maker, but I haven't tried them for this task yet.

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