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Some days I'm working with extremely large Excel files, they have to many sheet that can't be show in 1 sheet tab. (see image)

too many sheet in an Excel files

So, I'm wondering that whether or not we can show Excel sheet on more than 1 row. Many tries with Google don't help much then I post this question here!

Many tries but I still can't make Excel show sheet bar the way I want (>=2 rows), so I'm working with some VBA Scripts kopischke suggested.

FYI, right click on |< << >> >| button on the bottom-right corner show you a list of upto 15 sheets. and for more, click on View more in the list appeared.

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Another option is to make a list of the sheets, eg in the first sheet, with hyperlinks to the actual sheets... so you create your own list. :) HTH – Michah May 28 at 16:04

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Another work around that might not be immediately obvious is that you can right click on the little arrows in the bottom left corner of the window that you use to scroll left and right on the sheets. Doing so opens a vertical list sheets with the option to display more.

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Good one – never noticed that (as you said: not exactly obvious). – kopischke Oct 28 '11 at 10:45
I knew about it, but it just displays 15 sheets in that list. and to kopischke : view more take we to a scroll list of all sheet. – LongTTH Oct 28 '11 at 12:30

Excel will only display one row of sheet tabs, I’m afraid. If space runs scarce, you have the following options to display more:

  • resize the tab area (by dragging the handle separating it from the horizontal scrollbar), and / or
  • rename your sheets to have a shorter name, so that more sheets show (by removing the “Sheet” part, say, making the tab names “1”, “2” etc.), and / or
  • hide sheets (right click on their tab to get the option; right clicking on a visible tab will get you an option to see all hidden sheets and show them again) if there are some you do not need.

Finally, there are VBA scripts out there claiming to build a menu of all sheets in the workbook, which might solve your problem (untested).

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