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I am trying to solve a conditional-problem in excel which is very similar to this question

However I need to do the following:


product code in range A1:A100 = A certain code


month in range B1:B100 (format 24/06/2011)= a certain month (numerical value e.g. 6)


sum all numbers in column C1:C100 for which the above conditions are true

So far I am using an additional table where I check the condition for each row and afterwards I sum up all occurences in this additional table. but I feel that there is a way to get rid of this additional table.

One of the key prblems seems to be the extraction of the month from a date range within a sumproduct or countifs function.

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Enter as an array formula (press Ctrl-Shift-Enter rather than just Enter)

=SUM(($A$1:$A$100="Your Code")*(MONTH($B$1:$B$100)=6)*$C$1:$C$100)
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Thank you for the code. It is working now. Arrays in excel escaped me for years as it seems.... – Martin H Oct 28 '11 at 11:32

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