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How to open an OpenOffice document and scroll to a bookmark or chosen page number? Can I do this with the command-line?

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You will likely need to look into the OpenOffice scripting facilities. Look at some of the OpenOffice Macro Information by Andrew Pitonyak. In his document "Useful Macro Information" (.odt file link warning) pay attention to section 7.2.3 "You can move a cursor to a Bookmark anchor"

Dim oAnchor  'Bookmark anchor
  Dim oCursor  'Cursor at the left most range.
  Dim oMarks

  oMarks = ThisComponent.getBookmarks()
  oAnchor = oMarks.getByName("MyMark").getAnchor()
  oCursor = ThisComponent.getCurrentController().getViewCursor()
  oCursor.gotoRange(oAnchor, False)
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