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I'm migrating some DOS machines to VirtualBox. I use the common NetWare-style IPX stack. The problem is that VirtualBox doesn't emulate any of the network-adapters that I have drivers for. So, where do I find a driver for any of the network-adapters that VirtualBox can emulate?

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Doesn’t VirtualBox have Guest Additions for DOS? – Synetech Sep 1 '12 at 22:05
The folks over on Retrocomputing SE might have more hints. Though I added an answer here from my recent experience. – jdv Jun 22 at 18:52
No, there are no Guest Additions for DOS. – jdv Jun 22 at 18:55

Ben Armstrong, Virtualization Program Manager, suggests


then running

  • LSL
  • DC21X4

in that order.

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I cannot get it to work. The driver is for Intel 21x4 network-adapters. But VirtialBox (4.0.12) only supports Intel 8254 and PcNet 79c97x. I just get the message: "DC21X4-DOS-50: Board not found in system". Am I missing something? – Fabel Oct 28 '11 at 18:13

Since this Question is too old to migrate to Retro SE...

I got PC-DOS 2000 to work on VirtualBox by loading PCNTPK.COM on startup (a DEVICE line in CONFIG.SYS) and then running DHCP from mTCP (I just invoked it from AUTOEXEC.BAT, which means you can run it anytime you like). I didn't mess with any NDIS or IPX stuff at all (at least deliberately).

Oh, you should set networking to Bridged Adapter. NAT only works in one direction for DOS guests, I recall.

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